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Как своими руками сделать картину из ткани 0

How to make fabric wall art picture

Fabric wall art — an easy way to decorate the room. Such pictures are simple in its execution and maintenance, them are easy to replace. They fill empty space on the wall, and also...

Как сделать новогоднюю елку из книг 0

How to make a Christmas tree from books

In recent years people are increasingly inventing original use of ordinary things. It’s a great way to stand out among the «gray mass».In today’s instructions, we will tell you how to make the original...

Как сшить простую мягкую куклу "матрешку" 0

How to sew a simple soft doll

Today’s project — a kind of basis for the sewing of a variety of soft toys, tildes and rag dolls. The project is quite simple to perform and does not take much time. As...

Как сделать браслет из застежки-молнии 0

How to make a bracelet with zipper

Handmade is unique. If you look at one thing at a different angle, you can see something completely different. In today’s project we’ll tell you how out of the ordinary zippers make an interesting...

Как сделать зубастые тыковки на Хеллоуин 0

How to make toothy pumpkins for Halloween

Approaching a wonderful holiday — Halloween. And, you see, this holiday is not a holiday without pumpkins, costumes and parties. In today’s project, we pump the little pumpkin and add a vampire teeth. When...