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How to Weave a Friendship Bracelet 0

How to Weave a Friendship Bracelet

Bracelets of friendship are an old tradition, when friends or close people give each other bracelets made by themselves. These bracelets are worn on the wrist and remind you of a loved one. Basically, such friendship bracelets are common among ...

We decorate Easter eggs: mosaic 0

How to decorate Easter eggs with a mosaic

Many people admire mosaic works, and we are no exception. Sometimes it seems to create a mosaic you need to make a lot of effort, have special skills and use special tools and equipment. This master class proves the opposite. Today we will show you three options ...

Decoupage cans for beginners 0

Decoupage cans for beginners

Decoupage - the technique of decorating various objects, based on attaching to any subject a picture, a picture or an ornament (usually carved). You can say that this is a real art with a touch of magic. Thanks to this technique, you can create stunning things, ...

Classic tiramisu 1

Classic tiramisu. The recipe with the photo.

Desserts are the most delicious end of any meal. For each holiday we try to cook something new and surprise the guests with their skill and extraordinary taste. Modern housewives want to quickly and exquisitely decorate their festive ...

How to make fruits from pompoms with your own hands 0

How to make pom-poms in the form of fruit

Today's project is dedicated to making small fruit toys from pompoms with our own hands. It will be strawberry, kiwi, watermelon and lemon. Such pompoms are very simple to do. With such pom-poms, even children of primary school age will cope. In addition, such ...