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19 commandments of Mary Montessori

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori is an Italian doctor, educator, scientist, philosopher. UNESCO put it on one pedestal with such famous teachers as Anton Makarenko, John Dewey and Georg Kershensteiner. World fame she acquired in connection with the developed by her pedagogical system, which to this day remains popular in many countries of the world.

Here are a few basic postulates of her pedagogical system:

  1. Children learn what surrounds them.
  2. If a child is often criticized, he learns to judge.
  3. If the child is often praised - he learns to evaluate.
  4. If the child is shown hostility, he learns to fight.
  5. If the child is honest - he learns justice.
  6. If the child is often ridiculed, he learns to be timid.
  7. If a child lives with a sense of security - he learns to believe.
  8. If a child is often disgraced, he learns to feel guilty.
  9. If the child is often approved, he learns to treat himself well.
  10. If the child is often condescending - he learns to be patient.
  11. If the child is often encouraged - he acquires self-confidence.
  12. If a child lives in an atmosphere of friendship and feels necessary - he learns to find love in this world.
  13. Do not talk badly about the child - neither with him, nor without him.
  14. Concentrate on the development of good in the child, so that in the end, the bad will not remain.
  15. Always listen and answer the child who speaks to you.
  16. Respect the child who made a mistake and can correct it now or later.
  17. Be ready to help the child who is in search and be invisible to the child who has already found everything.
  18. Help the child learn what was not previously learned. Do this, filling the surrounding world with care, restraint, silence and love.
  19. In dealing with a child, always adhere to the best manners - offer him the best that is in you.

Maria Montessori

We wish you and your children all the best!

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