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6 tips on how to help a child adapt to a new class

6 tips on how to help a child adapt to a new class

To be in an unfamiliar collective and work in it is a strong stress for any person, especially a small one. The main reasons for anxiety: how you will be accepted, how they will appreciate and what they will think about the portfolio with the embroidered portrait of the plush education minister. The main parental role now is to support the student, and not to buzz about the stained collar of the shirt. Irreplaceable can be the support of the teacher, especially if he feels sympathy for the child and for you, but this does not always have to count.

To fit into any team, you need to take a close look at it and evaluate what these guys live in in T-shirts "I Serve Satan"

Find out what are the norms, rules, values. Do I have to squat and bow to the elder, throw a wet sponge or shake my head in time with the biotic recitative. Estimate, what are the dangers that a child in this company may face and develop a way of integration.

What is "socialization" and why do we misunderstand this term

The integration of the child should help his skills, strengths and your support. The task of the parent is to gently talk about children, about the cool routine, about the relationships in the classroom, to help the child understand the new environment and work out a suitable strategy. At the same time, conversations about a cool routine should not be devoted to lessons and assessments ("How? The trip-by-liter?" Is not the most profitable beginning for an encouraging conversation). Of course, these exciting questions can also be discussed, but a visit to the assessment will not contribute to adaptation.

What to do?

1. It should be remembered that the teacher's relationship with the child begins with the "teacher-parent" relationship.

From the point of view of the authoritative psychologist Gordon Newfeld, this is called "transfer of affection". The essence of the reception is that the parent should go and make friends with the teacher. Probably, you should not make a statement with a box of beer in the house to Elena Albertovna, but you can always come to school, tell that you are very interested in the problems of the school, Elena Albertovna and all the children of the world, that you write a scientific monograph, an article about responsible teachers , you study the conditions of the head of the winter school, draw portraits of women wearing glasses or even want to offer their help, mostly moral. But you can move this aquarium.

2. The second point on the apt expression of the same Newfeld is called "matchmaking".

The process is two-way: the teacher you are wooing the child, and the child, then later, at home, the teacher. Teacher will not be out of place to learn how your schoolboy is worried, asks questions about the teacher, waiting for a solemn day, choosing chamomile. Tell her that you are a sensitive mother, and your child is a vulnerable person, and will not endure the tradition for their school of riding newcomers to the basin from the stairs. The child also calmed down: "I told Elena Albertovna about your interest in newts and frogs. She is waiting for you with trembling and even prepared the best place in the back rows. "

3. Try to agree with the teacher that she gave you the opportunity to introduce the child to the class.

Sometimes teachers ask themselves to tell a new one about themselves or they try to tell the class about a person something else besides the surname and initials. But you definitely will get better. During the matchmaking, say that you yourself are just a wonderful professional, an honorary advertiser, and if you manage to sell the simpletons electric cotton buds, then you will be able to imagine the child in the most favorable light.

Parents extraverted warehouse will simply speak in front of the class with a story about the family, the common interests and hobbies of the child

Introverts and those who are still afraid to answer the board can collect several items that will tell about the child (a tennis ball, a magnet with the coat of arms of Serpukhov and a piece of buffalo skin), or make a presentation at Power Point.

4. The newcomer went to study. Take time for joint discussions of school life.

Do not arrange an interrogation, but be genuinely interested in all the important trifles: what did you eat? Did he laugh at school? And over what? was there anything grievous about it? There is such a game: take a list of classmates and walk with the child by surnames: how do you think, who of them who? Who is an excellent student? Who's the bully? Who the fool? Who is friends with whom? Suppose, with whom do you make friends? Do not forget, of course, to say that this is the first impression, and then everything will change. It will be interesting to see how the situation really develops.

Do not forget to really see and pay attention to the fact that the boy with Shkuroderyov's name will turn out to be the shy violinist and the best friend of your daughter

If you have a photo of classmates (online, for example), try to combine the names with the photos together. This will help your child better remember other children, create a feeling that they are familiar, and also make him pay attention to classmates, notice the traits of the character, think, and what they are? In general, it will distract from painful reflections "it is obvious from the side that I have one ear padded."

As long as you talk about the school every day, tell your stories, or remember the stories of books and movies. Pay attention to the actual for the child heroes.

5. For the time of school adaptation, create an atmosphere of continuous acceptance at home.

Abolish the pressure, strict moralizing conversations and a critical approach to order in the children's room. Let in all the rooms of the apartment there is only love and admiration for the child.

Be more involved in the child, carry out activities to relieve stress

Go on long family walks, ride around the carousels, catch the Pokemon hug, slowly read aloud, wrapped up in a family plaid, and somehow keep a cup of tea with fragrant tea, eat ice cream, buried in a pile of yellow leaves. In general, it makes sense to behave as silly as smiling people from motivators in the Facebook stream. Praise the child, give him positive feedback, even when the ice cream fell into tea, and the tea in a blanket, you just smile, and not ring.

6. When the child goes to school, do not forget to give him some artifact that gives strength.

A small souvenir that reminds you of a family trip, about something important for the child. Put him in a backpack note with encouraging words, a music box, a statue of a two-headed eagle, a sticker of "thank you to my grandfather for the victory," the dried head of a snake. In addition to the strategy of behavior, a person should have a resource to rely on. Home, family, culture, read books, favorite stories, poems and songs - this is a good support that the child carries with him in any incomprehensible situation.

6 tips on how to help a child adapt to a new class


Summing up under this topic, I would like to wish that when you are in an unfamiliar collective your children do not experience a lot of stress.

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