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Verbal games on the road 0

Verbal games on the road

Sometimes the road is long and the children begin to rave. What to do in this case? Invite them to play one of the games below. "What did I make out from the outside?" You are guessing something that meets along the way and you begin ...

Why is day dream so important to my mother? 0

Why is day dream so important to my mother?

Давайте разберемся нужен ли маме дневной сон или достаточно нескольких часов ночного? Ваш маленький малыш днем спит, а Вы в это время «творите чудеса» по хозяйству. Затем малыш просыпается и Вы проводите все время с ним. И...

Patient and impatient child 0

Patient and impatient child

How to understand and determine who will grow out of your sweet child - an excellent employee, creative personality, leader or someone else? Let's look at this question from the point of view of the patience (or impatience) of your child. Patient...

What do the children want? 0

What do the children want?

To begin with, the children want so much that it is sometimes difficult to describe. And that is why their world is immense and magical. They can have such unusual desires that adults do not even come to mind, ...

Should I be angry with the child? 0

Should I be angry with the child?

Sooner or later, all parents have a moment of anger at their child, when you want to scream, to violate it. Let's look at this in more detail. First, there is a "fair" anger at the child. It occurs when he caused ...

Maria Montessori 0

19 commandments of Mary Montessori

Maria Montessori is an Italian doctor, educator, scientist, philosopher. UNESCO put it on one pedestal with such famous teachers as Anton Makarenko, John Dewey and Georg Kershensteiner. World fame she acquired in connection with the developed ...

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