Author: Pavel Vasilyev

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LEGO pencil holder with your own hands 0

How to make a LEGO pencil with your own hands

A simple and easy project for all fans of the LEGO designer. Spend a little time and make a pencil in the form of a LEGO-person's head. Your child should like it very much! You will need: a glass jar (resembling the head of a LEGO man) yellow acrylic paint black ...

How to make simple cardboard animals 0

How to make simple cardboard animals

Tackle today with handicrafts in conjunction with your children and make simple cardboard animals. It does not take much time, but it will give you the joy of collaborative creativity. Such toys will not take up much space and will fit even in ...

Decoupage Cutting Board 0

How to make decoupage cutting board

Decoupage is a very popular technique for decorating surfaces. In other words, if you can not draw, you can decorate any surface in the style you need. Therefore, from today's project you will learn how to decorate a cutting board with the help of ...

How to sew a basket for toys 0

How to sew a basket for toys

If you have children, then you probably noticed that your house is gradually turning into a branch of a toy store. Sometimes there are so many toys that there is a problem with their storage. To solve this small problem will help today ...

Original frame for photos 0

How to make an original photo frame

Today we bring to your attention the original project for the photo frame. The originality of this project lies in the fact that wooden linen clips are used as photo holders. Such a frame will look great both in the office and ...