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Master classes on handmade or how to make something beautiful and useful with your own hands.

Shimmering winter candlestick 0

How to make a shimmering winter candlestick

So the winter goes away. Very soon buds will bloom, the grass will turn green and from the cold (and beautiful) winter there will be only memories. Let's remember how the sun shines and plays small ice, frozen to the twigs. And we will dedicate these memories ...

Glasses from cans 0

How to make cans from tin cans

If you need glasses, then let's make them from tin cans from under carbonated drinks or beer. These glasses will be the original decoration of the table, and for their creation you will need very little time. However, it is worth noting that ...

How to make a simple stamping with wire 0

How to make a simple stamping with wire

In general, embossing is used for the design of book covers and implies a small groove (grooves) in the form of a picture or an inscription. As a result, we get a unique design that adorns the cover and gives it originality. Most often for embossing apply ...

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