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How to transfer a photo to a tree

With this method, you can transfer photos to a tree (or any other wooden surface). This will turn your favorite photos into real works of art. All operations require no more than 2 hours of time. Moving photos ...

Decoupage Cutting Board 0

How to make decoupage cutting board

Decoupage is a very popular technique for decorating surfaces. In other words, if you can not draw, you can decorate any surface in the style you need. Therefore, from today's project you will learn how to decorate a cutting board with the help of ...

How to make a magic wand out of a pencil 2

How to make a magic wand out of a pencil

Today we will decorate the pencil. Rather, we stylize them under magic wands (as in Harry Potter). In its final form, such a pencil will surprise your friends a lot. The technique of making such decorated pencils is very simple and does not require ...

Suspended pot from glass jars 1

How to make a suspension pot of glass jars

Home flowers and plants will perfectly decorate any interior, add to it a highlight and be sure to please the look. Alas this can not be said about the pots and pots for this fragrant greenery (of course there are some interesting specimens, ...

How to make a keychain for keys from cork 0

How to make a keychain for keys from cork

The key ring is a beautiful thing. It can be useful (for example, keychain-knife, keychain-flashlight), or maybe just a souvenir or a beautiful trinket. The main purpose of the keychain is to distinguish your key ring from a stranger, and also to find keys in ...

How to make a simple chessboard 7

How to make a simple chessboard

I wonder if there are true fans of chess among our readers? Today's project is primarily intended for them. After all, the result is an original design chessboard - designed exclusively for your design. Well and...

How to make a palm rest for your shoes 0

How to make a palm rest for your shoes

There is no need to spend money on purchasing materials to create an exclusive shelf for shoes. A beautiful rack can be made from pallets or building pallets by hand. This bedside table is easy to make yourself, it is enough to show only a little imagination. Today's ...