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How to apply an image to a tile 2

How to apply an image to a tile

Today we would like to talk about transferring images to ceramic tiles. No matter how difficult this process did not seem at first glance, everything is much simpler. The process itself is similar to transferring an image to a tree or a glass ...

How to color a mug with a marker 13

How to color a mug with a marker

As we already wrote about how you can paint a mug using a brush and special paints (you can read about it here). Today, to decorate the mug We will use the marker, but not simple, but special, ...


Technique of reverse decoupage

We always want to stop the time when we are happy. We are full of emotions, we are ready to love the whole world, and time is so ruthlessly running away ... .. We do not want to grow up and that our children so quickly turned out of the darlings ...

How to draw a mug 5

How to draw a mug

A gift made by one's own hands differs not only in originality and originality, but also in the warmth of the soul and in the reflection of the person, the one who gives it. Going on a visit, so it's started here, it's not customary to come with empty ...