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Glasses from cans 0

How to make cans from tin cans

If you need glasses, then let's make them from tin cans from under carbonated drinks or beer. These glasses will be the original decoration of the table, and for their creation you will need very little time. However, it is worth noting that ...

How to make a festive mask of tulle 0

How to make a festive mask of tulle

More and more often, the holiday ceases to be just a feast, and turns into costumed parties with fun contests, fervent laughter and breathtaking merriment. It is worth noting that the main feature of most costume parties is like the suit itself, ...

Egg with a surprise 3

How to make an egg with a surprise

We all know what is a kinder-surprise (a sweet treat for children with a toy inside). And what is the most interesting thing about the idea of ​​such a chocolate egg? Of course those trembling feelings that you are experiencing when opening such an egg. Here ...

How to make a Swiss cheese candle 0

How to make a Swiss cheese candle

Many people know how to make a conventional candle from wax. It can be made round, square, rectangular or any other geometric shape. In addition, you can use dyes and make colored candles. But what if you want something unusual? ...

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