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Pork meat balls in tomato sauce 0

Pork meat balls in tomato sauce

Everyone who is very fond of pork, it is worth trying this recipe of meat balls from pork in tomato sauce. It's very delicious to get, you can even regret not having done more. Ingredients For meat balls: 300 pork forcemeat ...

Cinnamon rolls 0

Cinnamon rolls

Are you familiar with the famous Cinnabon caffeine network? If you were able to go there, then you certainly tasted delicious buns with cinnamon and cream. Let's try to do something similar at home. Get delicious, though ...

Salad with shrimp 0

Salad with shrimp

If you are a little too lazy to cook, then try to prepare a simple salad called "Shrimp Cocktail". This salad does not require much time and ingredients, it will turn out delicious, although a bit zhirnovatym (refueling you can change to more ...

Chicken skewers on skewers 0

Chicken skewers on skewers

Chicken shish kebab - it's good and delicious. But, unfortunately, there is not always an opportunity to go out into the countryside and fry the meat on the grill. Of course, the frying pan in the kitchen can not replace the brazier in the nature. Still ...

Salad with shrimps and bacon 0

Salad with shrimps and bacon

If you want something easy, but at the same time satisfying - try to prepare a salad with shrimps and bacon. It will be very tasty. Immediately it is worth noting that the ingredients will need a lot, but it's worth it ....

Thai salad with pork 0

Thai salad with pork

Today's recipe is suitable for lovers of Thai cuisine. Thai salad with pork is something for an amateur. In principle, the salad is very simple. Although it takes a little time for cooking, about minutes 30. Before you prepare a salad, you probably ...

Casserole from vegetables with champignons 0

Casserole from vegetables with champignons

Vegetable casserole - delicious dinner, the aroma of which, and invites to the kitchen for a meal! Such dishes can be made in a variety of ways. Today's recipe for casserole is suitable for potato lovers. Let's try the recipe for a motley vegetable casserole ....

Pear cake with Mascarpone cheese 0

Pear cake with Mascarpone cheese

Today, the choice fell on the recipe of the Italian pear pie with mascarpone. The positive aspect of this cake is the relative simplicity in cooking. And, of course, the opportunity to tell friends that you have prepared something "Italian" (although this is doubtful). Of...

Potatoes stuffed with chicken 0

Potatoes stuffed with chicken

Who likes potatoes? We will not speak for everyone, but I definitely adore her. Today we want to share a simple recipe based on potatoes: potatoes stuffed with chicken. The good news is that this recipe does not require anything that can ...