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What do the children want?

What do the children want?

To begin with, the children want so much that it is sometimes difficult to describe. And that is why their world is immense and magical. They may have such unusual desires that adults do not even come to mind, for example, to:

  • Father Frost could live in the fridge and give out gifts every morning;
  • Moving from school to home, just by pressing a button on some box;
  • Turn a little sister into a rat, put her in a cage and feed him once a week;
  • There was a pen, which itself does the lessons;
  • Live in a villa on the island alone or with a dog, and invite your mother once a month to bring food and products;
  • Become president, lock yourself in the palace room and eat ice cream;
  • Make friends with the most important clown, which will always be fun;
  • Be able to fly and be invisible;
  • To have a magic wand ... etc.

Despite such a variety of desires for children, their entire essence often boils down, in fact, to the following:

  • Be loved and know for sure that you will not be abandoned;
  • Be safe;
  • Have the opportunity to be yourself and be accepted by others;
  • Receive recognition and feel smart, beautiful, bold, good;
  • It's interesting to live, not to be bored.

И точно известно, что очень многие дети НЕ желают, а то и НЕ любят, может, даже ненавидят:

  • To feel disdain, ridicule, humiliation, pressure from adults;
  • Stand in lines and generally wait;
  • To put up with the fact that my mother will love someone else;
  • To speak the truth when many adults around them lie;
  • To hear that they are "slovenly", "muddle-headed", "dumb", "dvoechniki" and so on;
  • Long to engage in the fact that they are fatally bored;
  • Spending their children's lives only for lessons and school;
  • Listen to the notations whose content they have known for a long time;
  • Think of a future that they do not feel;
  • Dress warmly when they are not cold;
  • There is something useful, not tasty;
  • To feel unloved, bad, abandoned, unsuccessful.

Запаситесь терпением и старайтесь понять своего ребенка. Вспомните (представьте) себя в конце концов в его возрасте и вспомните о чем мечтали сами, ведь приведенный список легко можно расширить персональными желаниями и не желаниями Вашего чада.


Children could tell the entire adult world a simple and wise idea that the world is beautiful and simple, if you treat it openly and with pleasure, and not judiciously and seriously. If you do not run away in pursuit of adult awards and victories from yourself, from what is right now, at this moment, beautiful, unique, amazing. If we are able to see the miraculous in every phenomenon of our life: from the magic of leaf fall to wonder over the infinity of the world, when you look at the stars. Children know so much about this! And not only know, but they can tell, it is only necessary that at least someone wants to hear them.

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