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How to make a decorative candle with a photo

Decorative candle with your photo

Candles are an excellent element of decor, and they do not need to ignite (well, except to create a romantic atmosphere). In today's project, we want to offer you a little personalized candles and add an image to them with any of your favorite photos.

You will need:

  • wax candles (preferably larger diameter);
  • a stump of an old candle (you need a little wax);
  • scissors;
  • thin double-sided adhesive tape;
  • a hairdryer;
  • paper in silence;
  • baking paper;
  • color printer.

Decorative candle with your photo


1. Choose from your photos the most interesting image. Measure the diameter of the candle and its height, and then use the photo editor (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) to set the required parameters for your image (length, height). By the way, it is desirable to make a photo transition on all edges to the color of your candle (this will smooth out the clear lines of the photo and give the candle a more interesting look).

2. Glue the paper onto the double-sided scotch to the usual sheet for the printer of the A4 format.

Decorative candle with your photo

3. Insert a sheet of paper with glued paper in the printer and print the image. Pay attention to how you insert the sheet, the image should be printed on paper in silence. After you print, gently separate the paper from the sheet of plain paper (do not forget to also carefully remove the double-sided tape).

Decorative candle with your photo

4. Cut out the image, carefully wrap it around the candle (printed side to the candle) and wrap it tightly with baking paper in the 1 layer.

5. Preheat the hair dryer and begin to gently heat the surface of the candle through the baking paper until you see a "wet" spot (see photo below). Continue heating until the entire surface of the transferred photograph is covered with such a patch of uniform color. Try to heat the surface evenly, otherwise if you heat up only one place too long, it will create dents on the candle and spoil the overall composition.

Decorative candle with your photo

6. Carefully remove the baking paper. If you did everything correctly, you will see that the photo on paper is quietly melted into the candle and will not go anywhere.

Decorative candle with your photo

7. All is ready! Put a candle in a prominent place or make a small present to someone with your photo.

Decorative candle with your photo

Pleasant needlework and cozy interior!

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