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How to make decorative hooks from old forks

Decorative hooks from old forks

Quite often ordinary things can easily carry a completely different function. One has only to look at them a little bit from a different angle. So today, we want to invite you to look at the table forks under a different angle and use them as decorative hooks in the hallway, bedroom, kitchen, and anywhere. It looks very creative. The only thing is, the plugs should not be aluminum (and then nothing will hold).

You will need:

  • metal forks;
  • vise;
  • hammer (optional);
  • nails or screws (to attach a hook).


1. All you need to do is clamp the fork in the vise and bend it into the required shape. If necessary, use a hammer.

Decorative hooks from old forks

2. At the attachment point of the hook-fork, hammer in the 2 nail, or drill the 2 hole, and then insert the dowels with screws. Hats of nails or screws should slightly retreat from the wall so that a plug can be inserted between the hat and the wall.

Decorative hooks from old forks

3. Put the fork-hook on the fasteners and use. The only thing is to try to dress the fork as far as possible - it will be better to keep such a hook.

Decorative hooks from old forks

Pleasant needlework!

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Easier and cheaper simple hook to buy.

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