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How to make a beautiful vase from the Pringles packaging

What can make a beautiful vase?

Hello dear readers! Will you believe if We say that the basis for this beautiful vase was the empty pot of Pringles chips? But this is exactly so! Below, we describe how to make such a vase. By the way, it perfectly fits into the interior in a marine style. So, let's get started.

You will need:

  • an empty pot of Pringles chips;
  • a jar of liquid rubber;
  • glue gun (you can use superglue or glue spray);
  • sea ​​stones;
  • mortar for grouting joints;
  • sponge or brush;
  • water;
  • rags;
  • adhesive for decoupage.

What can make a beautiful vase?


Take an empty jar of Pringles chips and apply a seal of liquid rubber to the inner surface (it is usually sold as a spray, so you can simply spray it inside). This will help prevent water leakage and wetting of the cardboard jar. By the way, if you are not going to pour water inwards in the future, then this step can be skipped.

Cover the outside of the jars from under the chips with small pebbles using super glue. By the way, instead of sea pebbles, you can use a ceramic mosaic.

What can make a beautiful vase?

After the glue has dried - dilute the mortar for grouting the tiles in the required consistency and apply it to the seams between the stones. Do not be afraid to stain the stones, the excess grout grout can be removed with a cloth soaked in water.

What can make a beautiful vase?

After the grout grout dries (usually about a day), use a sponge or brush to apply glue to the entire outer surface for decoupage. This will allow the pebbles to shine.


When the adhesive for decoupage dry, you can fill the vase with water and decorate with your favorite colors. That's all!

What can make a beautiful vase?

What can make a beautiful vase?

Do it, and let inspiration come with you!

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