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How to make an elegant plexule from plexiglas

Graceful hairpin of plexiglass

Сегодняшний проект посвящен всем любителям минимализма. Посмотрите на эту изящную заколку — ощущается простота и легкость. Думаете в домашних условиях сделать такое невозможно? Сейчас мы постараемся доказать Вам обратное. Итак, приступаем.

You will need:

  • plexiglas (thickness not more than 2 mm.);
  • stationery knife;
  • ruler;
  • grinding paper;
  • Long stick (wooden, plastic or other material), which can slightly bend and does not break - to fix the barrette;
  • liter pot or vase;
  • drill;
  • oven and baking tray with non-stick coating (or building hair dryer).


1. Using a ruler and a clerical knife, cut a rectangle of the necessary sizes from Plexiglas. This is done simply - a ruler is applied to the cutting site and a straight cut (guide) is made on it. Then a piece of plexiglass is placed on the edge of the table so that the slot coincides with the edge of the table. Next, you need to crush a piece of Plexiglas, which lies on the table, and press a little on the hanging part. Plexiglas must break off along the cut line. Next, use grinding paper and clean the edges of the scrap.

Graceful hairpin of plexiglass

2. Turn on the oven and heat it to 200 degrees Celsius. On a baking sheet with non-stick coating (in principle, you can simply cover the baking sheet with cooking paper), put the workpiece out of Plexiglas. In the process of "preparing" Plexiglas you can feel unpleasant odors and pairs - so that make sure that your window is open and the room is well ventilated.

By the way, if you are a proud owner of a construction hair dryer, then the process will seem easy for you, and the preparation will not have to be "baked". You just need to use it to heat up your future hairpin.

3. Remove the plexiglass from the oven. Cautiously, it can be hot, so take care of your hands from burns. Now plexiglas is soft enough that it can be bent and not broken. Therefore, take your liter jar (or something else in the form of a cylinder) and bend with its help your hot workpiece. When the plexiglass cool it will regain its strength.

Graceful hairpin of plexiglass

4. Take the drill and drill two holes from opposite sides. Do it slowly and leisurely, then you will avoid the appearance of cracks on the plexiglas.

Graceful hairpin of plexiglass

5. All is ready! Try on, wear and let all eyes be on you! After all, on your head is truly an amazing barrette!

Graceful hairpin of plexiglass

Pleasant needlework!

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