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How can I decorate a vase?

How to decorate a vase

Are you tired of an old vase or did you not like the gift? You can always solve this problem, it's just a little effort and creativity. Now there are a lot of techniques for decorating and painting on glass. In this article I want to focus on three: painting with acrylic paints, decoupage and decoration with rhinestones.

Let's start with the most simple, but effective and glamorous, no matter how say the fair sex, decoration with rhinestones.

To do this you will need:

  • several sachets of rhinestones (size, color and quantity will depend on the pattern that you select);
  • vase or any item for decoration;
  • glue the moment;
  • tongs for the convenience of gluing rhinestones.


1. We transfer the pattern to the surface, first degreasing it with alcohol.

2. And we begin the fascinating filling of the drawing with our rhinestones.

3. I got here are such two unusual vases that will decorate the interior of any girl and fill it with a slight glamor and shine rhinestones.

How to decorate a vase

Decoupage is an ancient art form, which originated in the XII century. It is a kind of appliqué that is made using decoupage cards, paper, napkins, sometimes cloth, which can later be placed on wood, glass, dishes, furniture and many other surfaces with multilayer varnish coating.

To decoupage our vase you will need very little:

  • Vase;
  • Napkin with the chosen pattern;
  • PVA glue;
  • Lacquer.

Let's start:

1. Cut out the pattern and separate the layers of the napkin, leaving the very first with the pattern.

2. Gently glue the picture to the surface. I put glue on top of the paper, so as not to damage the thin surface.

3. As soon as our "applique" dries, cover with several layers of varnish.

How to decorate a vase

Well, painting on the glass can be different: contour, point, stained glass. Today we will try to decorate our vase with a contour painting. It is the fastest and, in my opinion, elegant.

For the painting we need:

  • Acrylic paint, or acrylic contour (who is more comfortable with what to work with);
  • Thin brush;
  • Vase;
  • Lacquer.


1. Degrease our vase with alcohol or mine with a detergent.

2. For this case, first I covered the transparent vase with white acrylic paint with a balonchik.

3. A fine brush applied a pattern.

4. After full drying, I covered several layers of varnish.

How to decorate a vase

Our vases are ready!

Create and bring beauty and beauty to your life and home!

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