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How to teach a child to use toys

How to teach a child to use toys

In the beginning, the kid treats all toys equally: he grabs them, looks at them, shakes them, strikes them on the table or on the floor, pulls them into his mouth. Using such standard research activities, the child himself learns something about the properties of some toys and how to handle them.

For example, he discovers: the rattle makes a sound when it shakes it. And accordingly it is addressed. However, most of the toys correspond to specific actions that an adult should show. Knowing these specific actions and the objects (toys) with which they are committed is important for the intellectual development of the child. On the basis of this knowledge, new ones are then built, acquired at a later age.

Begin to show the child different actions when playing ball. Use for this not one, but two or three balls. Very good, if the child loves to play with the ball. Showing him the ball, and then hiding it in different places, you will be able to develop the child's search skills. A ball in a certain direction, you give the child a route, according to which he must learn to move.

Teach your child to ring the bell. Think of a game where you do something nice for him, for example, start tickling him if he calls the bell. Thus, you will make the bell your favorite toy and will be able to use it when teaching your child new skills.

Be sure to give the child a car and show how to roll it back and forth. Accompany the skating with some sounds, such as "drr" or "bi-bi", which he can use to refer to the machine. If he does not immediately imitate your actions, put his hands on the car and roll it with his hands. Then roll the car in turn or use two cars in the game, one you will roll, the other a child.

After you teach the child to roll the machine with his hands, tie a rope to her and show how it can be rolled for a rope. Then try to invite him to take this rope - and when he crawls, and when he stands, and when he tries to walk. Perhaps he will take advantage of your proposal.

When the kid has already learned how to roll his car (with his hands and a rope), offer him a car of a different color, size and shape and see if he will start rolling it. If he does not, explain to him that this is a machine (call it "drr" or "bi-bi") and that it is also rolled. But do not show skating with your hands! Check if he understands you. If you do not understand, tie a rope to this new car and give it to him. If this does not help, show how you drive a new car. After he also starts to roll it, try to check with a few more toys, with what set (class) of objects the child is connected by the action of riding and whether the fact that the car has wheels determines the fact. It will be easier for you to find the best methods of child development if you not only see what it does, but also understand why it does it.

The car is interesting because it can carry different items. Show how it's done. If there is a truck among the toys, give the child small items that he can not swallow and show him how they can be put in a car and then taken to a place where they can be poured.

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