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How to paint a fabric and make a picture of it

How to paint a fabric and make a picture of it

The Internet is quite popular the theme of creating paintings from cloth (we also wrote about it and read about it you can here). With this approach, a fabric with a ready-made pattern is used. But what if I want something of my own, but there is no suitable tissue. Wax and dyes come to the rescue. Wax prevents the paint from reaching certain parts of the fabric. Thus, using the technique described below, you can create your own drawing. This technique is applicable not only for paintings and can be used for decorative pillows, clothes and much more. In the project below, a picture with astrological constellations is created, only one color and fairly simple images are used. Therefore, this project will not cause difficulties, even for those who do this for the first time. So, let's get started.

You will need:

  • white fabric;
  • picture frame;
  • wax and paraffin;
  • dye for fabric;
  • salt (for mixing paints);
  • soda;
  • scissors;
  • latex gloves;
  • pencil;
  • kitchen thermometer;
  • thin brush (or a special tool for applying wax, as in the example);
  • 2 large capacity (for mixing paint and boiling).

How to paint a fabric and make a picture of it


1. Wash your white cloth to remove any dirt and dry it. In addition, when washing, the fabric should sit down a little.

2. Take the scissors and cut out the piece of cloth you need. Cut with a small allowance, so that the fabric was larger than the frame (to fix the fabric to the frame in the future).

3. Spread the fabric on the work surface and, using a soft pencil, apply the image of the future drawing. In the example, for example, different constellations are used.

4. Now prepare the wax. For this, take the 2 parts of the wax and the 1 part of the paraffin. If you add more wax, you will get clearer lines as a result. And if you add more paraffin, you get the opposite result, fuzzy lines and the effect of cracks.

5. Put the wax in a saucepan and put it on the stove. Using a kitchen thermometer, keep an eye on the temperature of your wax. It should remain in the range of 105 - 115 degrees Celsius. It is very important that you melt the wax at this temperature: if the temperature is higher, it can provoke a fire; if less - there will beThe skin is cool and will not give effect.

How to paint a fabric and make a picture of it

6. Take a thin brush or a special tool for applying wax (if any). While the wax is hot, dip the brush into it and apply it to the places that you will not paint. By the way, here you can apply and printing technique with different stamps.

How to paint a fabric and make a picture of it

7. Once you have finished applying the wax on the contours of your pattern, prepare the fabric dye by following the instructions on the package.

8. Put the cloth in the prepared mortar and leave it there for 30 minutes. Important: after 20 minutes after soaking the cloth, add a little soda to the solution, this will help fix the color.

9. Once the fabric has reached the desired color, remove it from the dye solution and stretch it manually under cold water (without powder). So you remove the excess paint and do not melt the wax). Then hang the cloth and allow it to dry.

10. To remove the wax, fill the pan with water, put it on the stove and bring it to a boil, and then put your cloth there. Use a spoon to completely immerse the fabric in boiling water. Once the wax has thawed, remove the pan from the stove and let the water cool down a little. Then, remove the wax from the surface of the pan.

How to paint a fabric and make a picture of it

11. Dry and iron the fabric. By the way, when you iron - do it through the newspaper, and place the newspaper both above the fabric and under it. The newspaper is needed in case there is still a little wax left on the fabric.

12. Take the frame and stretch the cloth on it. The edges of the fabric are tucked behind the frame and fasten using a hammer with nails or an industrial stapler with staples. All, now you can hang your painting from the fabric on the wall or present this work of art to a loved one.

How to paint a fabric and make a picture of it

Note, if you create a multicolored picture, you need to repeat the above steps (3-9) and apply the wax for each color you get, starting from the lightest to fix it. And then paint in the required color, following from light colors to dark ones.

And yet, this method of creating a picture of white fabric is an imperfect art, since the only error in the process is capable of spoiling the whole drawing. The above project of the zodiacal constellations is ideal for training - something went wrong, the wax splashed, the fabric did not look exactly right and you got a new star, constellation or nebula!

How to paint a fabric and make a picture of it

Pleasant needlework!

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