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How to help your child develop

How to help your child develop

Малыш испытывает особенное удовольствие от перемещения в пространстве — ползать или ходить, не имеет значения. Ему нравится сам процесс, хотя дело не обходится без определенных трудностей и неприятностей, ребенок может уставать, падать и ушибаться. Поэтому малыш с особым удовольствием воспринимает такие игры, при которых ползание, или ходьба, или некоторые важные элементы этих действий воспроизводятся в облегченном и безопасном, но ускоренном или усиленном виде.

Learning to crawl

Place a towel or a folded blanket on the belly of the baby lying on the carpet. Raise it so that it takes the pose you need to crawl, and shake it slightly forward and backward. Keep it so that it was easy for him to crawl, and from time to time lift it into the air and carry it forward a short distance.

We train the balance

The main ability that a child must develop when learning to walk is the ability to maintain balance. You can help him in this. Plant the baby on his lap, spread his hand to the sides and hold them. Raise one or the other knee one by one, so that the child leans to the right, then to the left. Help the child keep his balance by holding his arms. Raise and lower your knees in time with the music. You can put a record, or turn on the tape recorder, or sing yourself, most importantly, that the music was fun.

Put the child in front of you facing you and take his hands. Start slightly tilting it to the right, then to the left, moving its center of gravity from one leg to the other. Sing this song so that the child swaying in the rhythm of the song. Keep the child's arms at shoulder level or even lower. Gradually reduce your support, so that the kid continues to swing by himself. Let it then only hold onto your index fingers with your pens. Do so that his handles go down and will be placed almost vertically along his sides. Try and rock yourself in the rhythm of the song. It will stimulate the child - he will try to imitate you.

Let's go!

Поставьте малыша ножками на ваши ноги спиной к вам. Держите его за плечи. Скажите: «Давай, пойдем» и пройдите короткое расстояние. Посмотрите, как он реагирует на эту игру. Если она ему понравится, повторяйте ее в разные дни. Пусть вместо вас это делают другие члены семьи, включая старших детей. Такая игра способствует укреплению контакта между ребенком и взрослым и полезна с этой точки зрения. Если малыш не выражает удовольствия от игры, отложите ее и через какое-то время попробуйте снова.

Singing together

Teach your child to "sing" to the music. Turn on the tape recorder, or the player, or the radio. Sing yourself, using those syllables ("mammy" or "papapa"), which the child can easily pronounce. Encourage him to join you. Repeat this game repeatedly until he begins singing to the music himself.

Developing emotions

Play with the child in "Ku-ku, where am I?". First, close the eyes of the child with the child's handles and exclaim: "Where is Misha, where did he go?" After removing his pens, rejoice: "Misha is here!" Then teach the child to close his eyes with his hands and wait for your exclamations: "Where did Misha disappear?". Express elation when he removes the handles from his face. You can also teach him to cover himself with a napkin or diaper, and then pull it off. Your joy, when the napkin is pulled off or the handles are removed from the eyes, will contribute to the emotional development of the child.


At this age, the child begins to understand how to attract or maintain the attention of an adult - and begins to repeat the actions that caused the laughter of others. You can support and develop from him such behavior, participating with him in a variety of games. For example, play with the child in "Goats a goat horned after small children, cares, nurses, cares, cares," where you first represent this goat, and then - it. Be scared when the child reaches out to you, and then start laughing.

How to help your child develop

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