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How to make Italian Lemoncello liqueur. The recipe with the photo.

How to make an Italian Lemoncello liqueur

Limoncello is a popular Italian alcoholic beverage fortress 27-45 °, infused on lemon zest. In Italy, there is a tradition that surprises Russian tourists. On a hot Saturday noon, the Italian company is going to someone at home near the refrigerator (near it), from the freezer get a lemon-colored drink, pour on 50 mg and gently relish, enjoying the sour-sweet taste and rich flavor. Tourists are rather surprised by the tradition to gather around the refrigerator, and not at the table, and the classic Italian liquor makes an impression with its taste qualities. Limoncello - the main souvenir in the backpacks of travelers, an invariable symbol of Italy.

You will need:

  • 3-4 medium lemon;
  • 250 ml of pure alcohol 95-96%;
  • 250 g of sugar or fructose;
  • 750 ml of purified water (non-carbonated).

How to make an Italian Lemoncello liqueur


1. Wash the lemons, beat them with boiling water (for deep cleaning from wax) and peel without a white layer, which will spoil the drink bitterness.

How to make an Italian Lemoncello liqueur
2. The resulting zeolite should be placed in a well-washed glass jar. Fill with alcohol.

How to make an Italian Lemoncello liqueur
3. Close the lid firmly. Remove the jar in a dark but cool place.
4. Insist for three days. Twice a day, shake vigorously. For convenience, sign a number so that you do not forget the end of the cooking process. There are a lot of recipes for making limoncello with their own hands. Some Italians insist on liquor for months, others believe that three days are enough. As practice shows on the third day you can dilute the drink and on the same day to taste.
5. After three days of insemination, strain the composition through gauze.
6. Mix sugar with water in a separate saucepan and put on fire, cook until completely dissolved. Do not bring to a boil!
7. Remove the pan from the stove and cool the syrup.
8. Mix the lemon tincture with the resulting syrup. Drink noticeably turbidity due to the reaction of essential oils (the same occurs during the preparation of classical absinthe). Prepared a liqueur let it brew for about a week to saturate the taste.

How to make an Italian Lemoncello liqueur

Interesting facts about Limoncello

  • Drink not only drink, but also eat, add to pastries. And if the 40-degree liquor is put in the freezer, it will thicken and become sticky.
  • Limoncello is the main component of the famous cocktails "Mandarin Dawn", "Frosty Noon", "Kremonchello".
  • Actor Denny de Vito is a big admirer of limoncello, living in Florida, he started his own production of delicious liqueur. He was nicknamed "Prince Lemon".
  • The birthplace of the liqueur is the islands of Capri.
  • They drink the drink chilled, and the glasses are kept in the freezer compartment so that the walls are covered with a thin layer of ice. Therefore, the lunch break usually ends with an assembly of Italians around the refrigerator to quickly turn the glasses, not allowing them to warm up.

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