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How to make a multi-colored rose

How to make a multi-colored rose

The very idea of ​​creating roses with a mixture of flowers in the bud belongs to Peter van de Werken, owner of the Dutch flower company. Everyone knows that the flowers carry moisture from the roots to the buds through the stem, so he decided to divide the stem into several channels, and through each to feed the water colored in a particular color. So, are you ready to please your loved ones with amazing colored roses?

You will need:

  • white roses (preferably fresher);
  • knife;
  • 2-3 glasses (depending on the desired number of flowers in the bud);
  • dye (food or industrial).

How to make a multi-colored rose


1. For 1-2 days before the upcoming event, buy as many white roses as you want to paint and give.

2. Take one white rose and with a knife gently make a cut along the stem, so you get a forked stem. If you want to use more than two colors, then perpendicular to the cut make one more (also along the stem) to get the 3-4 tip.

3. Prepare the painted water. To do this, dilute the dye in water. Note that the water should be a saturated shade, but not thick and it is best to use contrasting colors (for example, red-blue-yellow-green). Do not use colors that are similar in color (for example, red and pink or blue and blue), otherwise you just get a rose of the same color.

4. Place containers with colored water in a dark and cool place, as close as possible to each other. The bathroom or the pantry is the perfect place. Now place each of the tips of the white rose in a container with its own color.

How to make a multi-colored rose

5. To fully color the rose, it will take 17-20 hours. If you want to give a shade only to the tips of the petals, then the entire process will take 5-8 hours. To the note: if you add a little sugar in the water, the coloring will go more intensively.

How to make a multi-colored rose

6. That's it! Now you can surprise with such a bouquet of roses of rainbow color of any person dear to you. By the way, instead of roses you can use any white flowers with white or yellow buds.

How to make a multi-colored rose

Pleasant needlework!

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