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How to make a cover for make-up brushes

How to make a cover for make-up brushes

Dear girls, if you like order and organization, then we suggest you make a cover for your makeup brushes (and not just for them). Of course, you can go to the cosmetic store and choose a cover you like, but why not make it yourself? In addition, this project you can adapt for color pencils, and for cutlery for picnics or something else at your discretion.

Necessary materials:

  • Carpet for sushi;
  • A strip of rubber fabric (or elastic);
  • Glue gun;
  • Dense thread;
  • Buttons;
  • Scissors.

How to make a cover for make-up brushes

So, we proceed.

  1. Put your sushi mat on a horizontal surface.
  2. Take a strip of rubber cloth and thread it to the left, between the 2 and 3 sticks. With the help of an adhesive gun, fix our elastic band (as shown in the picture below).
  3. Continue passing your elastic band between bamboo sticks (minimum through 2-3 sticks) to create compartments for your brushes (it is desirable to alternate small and large holes if the brushes are of different sizes). Watch the tension of the rubber band. Branches should hold the brushes securely, so that the brushes do not slip, easily get. And at the same time, our rug should not shrink when all the brushes are inside.
  4. When you have finished forming the pockets for the brushes, cut off the excess gum and fix the end (similar to point 2).
  5. Take the button and tie it to your sushi rug (or sew it to a strip of rubber cloth) on the back. Do not cut the thread.
  6. Fold your cover (along with the brushes), starting at the opposite side of the button. With the thread that was sewn on the button, wrap your cover, and then wrap it around the button several times to fix it.

How to make a cover for make-up brushes

Everything, your cover is ready! Pleasant needlework!

How to make a cover for make-up brushesHow to make a cover for make-up brushes

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