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How to collect virtual reality glasses from cardboard

How to collect virtual reality glasses from cardboard

Virtual reality slowly but inexorably enters our life. So we suggest you try to look and find out what it is. Let's collect the virtual reality glasses of Google Cardboard together. However, before you begin to assemble - check whether your phone meets the requirements.

  • Operating system. For diving with the help of virtual reality glasses, you need a smartphone on Android OS 4.1 and higher, iOS 6.0 and higher (iPhone 4 and above) or OS Windows Phone 7.0 and higher.
  • Width of the smartphone should not exceed 75 mm.
  • Sensors. The smartphone should have the following sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer (digital compass), GPS-positioning. If you do not know, then it does not matter! Just follow these steps:
  1. Enter the key phrase "VR" in the Google Play, App Store or WP search, download and install the application on the VR smartphone.
  2. Launch the application, the screen at startup will be divided into two parts (for the right and left eyes).
  3. Rotate the smartphone in all axes: slopes (1), up-down (2), around itself (3). If the image follows your turns without braking in all three axes, then the smartphone is compatible, congratulations!

To assemble the virtual reality cardboard glasses you will need:

1. A piece of thick cardboard. Corrugated cardboard can be found stores for design and art. For best results, you need to purchase a thin (1,5 mm) strong sheet with a minimum size: 22x56 cm. This cardboard is still used in boxes by shoe manufacturers.

2. Two lenses. The diameter is 25 mm, the focal length of the lenses for the classic drawing is 45 mm. To minimize distortion at the edges of the image, we recommend that you purchase biconvex lenses. Enthusiasts extract them from clerical loops, which are sold in the household. shops and not only.

3. Magnets. To perform the simplest actions you will need a system of magnets: neodymium annular and ceramic disk. Diameter ~ 19 mm, thickness ~ 3mm. If you do not find magnets, do not worry, they are rarely used. Instead of magnets, you can make holes for the finger on the side or bottom.

4. Velcro and elastic. For fixing and securing the smartphone you will need a rubber ring and two small Velcro for securing the cover ~ 20x30 mm.

5. NFC sticker. To autorun applications, you need an NFC-tag, but you can do without it.

6. Scissors and glue

How to collect virtual reality glasses from cardboard


1. Download one of the proposed drawings:

2. Cut out the drawing and paste the pattern on the cardboard according to the scheme.

3. Cut out your virtual reality hat and fold it according to the instruction on the drawing (Black outline lines - cut out, over the red lines - bend).

How to collect virtual reality glasses from cardboard

Good luck in the assembly and a nice dive into virtual reality!

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