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How to make a picture of the tissue with your own hands

Pictures from the fabric with their own hands

If there was a need to decorate the walls of the room, then you can independently make pictures of the fabric with your own hands. It's quite simple and interesting. Implementation of this idea will take several hours, and the result will add charm and uniqueness to your walls.

For the production of paintings you will need:


1. Three stretchers under the picture.
2. The fabric on the 3 pattern.
3. Scissors.
4. Scotch.
5. Staple gun and staples under it.
6. Nails and a hammer.

Subframes for pictures. A stretcher can be manufactured by yourself or purchased in a shop for artists. The main thing is to correctly determine the size and number of future pictures, as well as correctly hang them.


It is on the location of paintings should pay special attention. The picture should be at eye level - this is an important condition. If you use the practice of museums, then the middle of the picture should be approximately at the level of 1,5 m from the floor. Same for the size of the picture is better to have on the same level and at the same distance from each other in order to comply with symmetry.

The choice of fabric. The fabric must necessarily be in harmony with the situation of the room. It is possible to use fabric from


Manufacturing of paintings. Place the fabric on the frame with the wrong side and place the pattern as you wish to see it on the finished product. Carefully, to not move the fabric, turn the fabric and frame. Circle the contour of the pattern along the wrong side of the fabric and, adding a few centimeters for the allowances, circle the end of the product. Cut the picture along the contour with a large diameter. ANDUse something different from the rest of the room on the patterns, but matching colors. The amount of fabric depends on the size of the future cloths, but do not forget to take into account the allowances for jogging.

Pull the fabric on the frame, while turning the trimmed end so that the cropped edge is not visible. In this procedure, Scotch tape is useful. It will help to fix those places that have already been tucked in, and pull the remaining material.

To fasten it is necessary to proceed with the use of staples. Nail the fabric to the back of the frame with a staple gun, remembering to stretch the fabric as much as possible. The final fastening of the fabric should be done alternately on different sides of the frame. This will avoid uneven stretching of the fabric and the appearance of waves on the panel. After you have finished with the final fasteners, do not forget to remove the scotch tape.

pic01-h-05Then you can start placing the pictures on the wall. To place three paintings at the same height and at the same distance from each other, it is worth using a ruler.

The fabric has a tendency to stretch, which leads to its sagging. Therefore, periodically it is necessary to pull the fabric in the pictures. It will only take a few minutes a year.

Fabric paintings are an easy way to decorate a room. Such pictures are simple in their performance and maintenance, they are not difficult to replace. They not only fill the empty space on the wall, but also harmoniously fit into the surrounding interior.


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