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Chicken skewers on skewers. The recipe with the photo.

Chicken skewers on skewers

Chicken shish kebab - it's good and delicious. But, unfortunately, there is not always an opportunity to go out into the countryside and fry the meat on the grill. Of course, the frying pan in the kitchen can not replace the brazier in the nature. Nevertheless, the recipe is good and recommended for use. And of course it's always nice to eat directly from the skewers, let them be wooden.


  • Chicken fillet (2 breast on 4 skewers);
  • 1 bulb;
  • Bulgarian pepper (you can take different colors);
  • Honey 1 tsp;
  • Worcester or soy sauce (who loves more);
  • Seasonings to taste;
  • Wooden skewers.

Chicken skewers on skewers


Cut the chicken breast into small pieces. Sprinkle with your favorite spices, add a Worcester (or Soy) sauce and a spoonful of honey. Thanks to honey, the chicken will turn a little sweet, and you will not even feel honey.

Cook the chicken for marinating.

Chicken skewers on skewers

If time does not tighten, it is better to leave it for a couple of hours. But in principle 30 minutes is also not bad.

The fastest fish is marinated. The chicken requires a little more time, but also within reason. The longest time you have to pickle pork and beef.

When the chicken is marinated, you can cut the vegetables.

  • Pepper - small pieces.
  • Cut the bulb in half and separate the layers from each other. If the bulb is large, you can cut the layers across once more.

Put on the skewers chicken, pepper and onions and put them on a heated frying pan, greased with olive oil.

Chicken skewers on skewers

Chicken skewers on skewers

Ready-made shish kebab can be served with any garnish (eg French fries). And if you really want to feel the taste of marching shish kebab - you can drown pieces of chicken in ketchup or mayonnaise.

Chicken skewers on skewers


I like it. Chicken skewers on skewers at home - this, of course, is not a real shish kebab, but still tasty. You can experiment with vegetables, add mushrooms or pieces of tomato.

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