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Mighty words in the lexicon of parents

Mighty words in the lexicon of parents

1. Words in a whisper

Bend over to your raging baby and start to whisper in your ear. He will have to mobilize his forces to hear your quiet speech. It will calm him down, you'll see! Surprisingly, whispers help better than screaming.

2. Maybe we'll see

Instead of telling the child "no" and thus provoking a hysterics, tell him: "Maybe ... If you have dinner," for example. So you do not prohibit, but leave the choice. But if "the soup is still not eaten," then surely "no."

3. I'm sorry

There are no ideal people in the world. And parents are also mistaken. Apologize to the child when you think that you did not do right. It is very important for him to see such an example of behavior. Children learn by the example of parents. Your "forgive me" will show that it is common for everyone to make mistakes and teach them to smooth out the blame if they offend the other.

4. Stop or stop

Instead of "Do not climb, do not touch, do not run, do not rush, do not ... do not ... do not ..." try to say "stop." You avoid this slippery piece of "not", which affects the child directly opposite. But at the same time, you stop the unwanted actions of the child. Just do not abuse this word. Otherwise it will depreciate and will not have an effect.

5. You can all!

Speak these words to the baby when he is not sure of himself and his abilities. Remind me that you just need to try a little better, spend a little more time.

6. I love it!

It is vitally important for children to know that their parents love them. Always. Certainly. Unconditionally. Despite everything. Even if the kid made a dirty trick, tell him that you still love him and will always love him!

7. Laugh

Fun and laughter can be a good recharge, recharging and a "reset button" of negative energy. Laugh and have fun with children more often, see, your relationship will become much better.

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