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Is it possible to walk and bathe a child in ARVI?

Is it possible to walk and bathe a child in ARVI?


Walking after or during ARVI is possible in the absence of temperature and with the well-being of the child in any normal weather (that is, the weather in which you yourself want to go out) and if the child himself wants to walk. This will not increase the incidence of complications and is not contagious to others usually after 3-4 days after the onset of the illness (in the first days it is better to walk apart from other children).

During the walk, children actively move, which helps them to withdraw phlegm, moisturize mucous membranes and dilute sputum (children due to anatomical features are difficult to withdraw from the lungs of phlegm, so they can cough for a long time).

It is also allowed to ventilate the house during a walk.

Walking allows the child to shift the focus from the illness and switch the parent's attention from the child's illness to other things, the child to receive positive emotions.

If you do not go for a walk in ARVI, do not limit the activity of the child at home. It is important that the child moves, helping to withdraw phlegm from the lungs.

You can do respiratory gymnastics and percussion chest massage.

The appearance of coughing on a walk and in motion is a favorable sign, which speaks about the increased excretion of mucus with a cough (a normal reaction to fresh cool air). In the cold, the child's secretion of mucus may increase not only in the lungs, but also in the nose (snot flow in the cold). This is a normal protective reaction and does not require treatment.

If you feel unwell, have a serious illness, at elevated body temperature, with flu, in bad weather, it is better not to walk.


To bathe during ARVI it is possible, if the child himself wants and feels comfortable (that is, there is no chill or fever). It is important to remember that a hot bath itself can lead to an increase in temperature, it is not needed during the period of illness.

A daily non-hot shower is needed, as this will clear the skin of sweat, which is intensified by fever. The water treatments are both a distracting and moisturizing mucous procedure.

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