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Is it possible to leave crying babies alone?

Is it possible to leave crying babies alone?

The most important issues of concern to parents are questions about whether parents can spoil their child with wrong, compliant or contradictory behavior and how to prevent such a development at all costs. Experience shows that this topic is on the first place along with concern about possible complications during childbirth, the child's health, congenital developmental disorders, death during childbirth and sudden death of a child. Such fears and fears of parents are quite understandable.

Nevertheless, at first glance it is difficult to understand why parents are afraid to dilute the child. Still a widespread advice - on no pretext, do not go at night to a crying baby and do not take him in his arms, so that it is not such a behavior to spoil him.

Leave the crying children alone in no case!

Babies cry only to draw our attention to the fact that they suffer from hunger, thirst or pain, that it is time to change a diaper, that it is too hot or cold, or simply lacks new impressions. Children need closeness and sensitive parents who can meet these basic needs of their children in order to ensure their survival and healthy development.

How does the baby get stressed?

If the mother does not take her crying child in her arms, there is stress. The baby becomes more and more crying and, eventually, falls into a state of panic, experiences a terrifying fear of death, feels completely helpless, powerless and lonely. In this state he is not able to perceive the speech addressed to him. At the physiological level, there is an overexcitement of that part of the nervous system that is responsible for choosing a reaction (fight or flight) to a stressful situation. As an independent way out of the stress situation for the baby is impossible, he suddenly falls silent and "freezes": we observe an emergency reaction of the brain, which disconnects feelings of panic and fear. Externally, the child does not give signs of life, while excessive internal tension does not subside.

If in infancy nobody calmed the child and did not help him cope with stressful situations, many years later, being already an adult, a person can react to stress by seeming unexplained pain and other strange symptoms. Observing from the side, we see that the infant looks at one point with a frozen gaze and ceases to react to the speech addressed to him, or he is completely exhausted and falls asleep in a state of complete exhaustion. When the baby signals crying that he needs help, you should come to him without delay, take him in his arms and calm him. Only in this way can help him cope with stress and prevent an emergency reaction of the nervous system.

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