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Who will the future child look like?

Who will the future child look like?

Probably all parents sooner or later ask themselves - who will their future child look like - for their father or mother? Many guess and fantasize about this (for example, the girl will look like her mother, but her nose and lips should be daddy's). But alas, fantasies are fantasies, but in reality everything is different. Let's take a little look at this issue and give some scientifically proven facts.

Facial features

Most girls are born like dads. This was noticed a few centuries ago, and recently this theory is partially confirmed by modern genetic scientists. So in the X chromosome are genes that are responsible for the shape of cheekbones, lips, eyebrows, facial expressions and face oval. Boys get an X chromosome from their mother, and from the pope they get a U-chromosome, which is significantly poorer than external signs. Thus, the boys, in general, will be similar to moms. As for the girls, they get an X chromosome from their mother and father, so whoever the daughter is like will depend on the case. But the father of the X-chromosome wins more often, probably, it is stronger ...

Color of eyes and hair

Here everything is simple - for dark eyes, strong-dominant genes answer, for light ones - weak-recessive. Well, respectively, if one of the parents is the owner of dark eyes (brown or black), then 75% of what the child will have the same color. If parents have bright eyes, then 100% of what the child will inherit light eyes. An interesting fact is that two dark-eyed parents may expect a surprise: 25% probability that the child will hit mom and dad with an unexpected gray or blue eye tint. Hair color is determined by the same pattern: dark hair is dominant, light ones are a recessive sign.


This parameter is much more difficult to calculate. in addition to heredity, the growth is still influenced by a bunch of other factors: whether the child eats healthy and nutritious food, whether it often happens in the sun, how much it moves, what gets sick, etc. But despite this, there is still a formula by which it is possible to calculate the "ideal" growth of the heir (s):

Girl: (father's growth * 0.923 + mother's growth) / 2

Boy: ((father's growth + mother's growth) * 1.08) / 2


According to recent studies, intellectual abilities are in the X chromosome. Thus, the boy will most likely be given the talents of the mother, and the girl - whose X chromosome will win! In fact to the girl, gets both from mum and from the daddy on this wonderful chromosome, therefore the girl can receive not only mum intellect, but also dad

But what can I guess? In general, the conclusion is one: the child will pick up all your crumbs, and daddies and mother's, and will be similar only to yourself!

Who will the future child look like?

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