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A bit of the past ...

I always liked to visit old houses, where every corner and every object seems to be saturated with the history of not only the terrain, but also with the history of the family, the appearance of this or that object of everyday life. Agree, how nice to take in the hands of a thin porcelain cup, painted by a long-forgotten artist, but still containing the warmth of the hands and the reflection of the soul of this man. And cutting boards? They were bright, with an intricate pattern, often made by someone from the family. As a child for every holiday I wanted to please my family, and I diligently burned a child's drawing on the plaque and always with an inscription to leave a mark on history. It is a pity that now our and children's hands have replaced cars. But the kitchen has always been and is an unusual place for any mistress. And every mistress tries to make her a reflection of herself, even if it's small things, but they reflect the character, the attachment of a person.

Today I want to return a bit at that time to our grandmothers and remember the painting of those cutting boards.

For this we need:

  • preselected drawing, copy paper;
  • wooden cutting board;
  • acrylic paints, or ordinary gouache and brushes of different thicknesses;
  • lacquer for fixing the pattern.

Let's start:

1. Transfer the chosen drawing with the copy paper to the surface of the board.


2. We begin to paint the picture: first fill the background.


3. We begin to work on large details.


4. After the main drawing is finished, with the help of a fine brush and a black paint draw small details, a contour and fill our life with a board.


5. After we have finished, and the paint has dried up, we cover with several layers of varnish.


Our cutting board is ready. It seems to me that such an interior will decorate any kitchen and fill it with something new or long forgotten old.

Good luck! Our strength in our past!

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