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Technique of reverse decoupage

We always want to stop the time when we are happy. We are overwhelmed with emotions, we are ready to love the whole world, and time runs so ruthlessly ... .. We do not want to grow up and that our children so quickly turn from cute and innocent toddlers into an adult and independent person ... How to make time stop your turn? And how long to remember all our happy moments? Nowadays progressive technologies have many ways of preserving information and images, but photography is the most convenient and less expensive one. With the help of photographs, we can trace the stages of growing up of our children, remember and plunge on the day when we were happy or, on the contrary, for some reason a lonely tear rolled down her cheek.

Today I want to tell you about creating an unusual photo frame for our most favorite photos. Little babies grow inexorably fast, and we try to catch every movement of these fidgets. So for a year of my beloved kids, I decided to make an unusual collage - a plate with their photos in the technique reverse decoupage. This technique differs from conventional decoupage only in that the pattern will not be applied to the "face", but to the reverse side of the product.

For this we need:

  • Transparent plate of any size
  • Pre-selected and printed on paper photos
  • PVA glue
  • Acrylic paints

Let's start:

  1. Degrease the surface of the dish with alcohol, or good with my cleaning agent.
  2. We spread the photos from the back of the plate as you like.
  3. We immerse the photographs in the water for a short time, so that they are softer and apply to the surface of the plate.


4. Покрываем клеем, чтобы они закрепились


5. Оставляем на некоторое время

6. Выбрав основной цвет, окрашиваем поверх фотографий нашу тарелочку с помощью акриловых красок. Можно использовать губку для удобства и большей площади покрытия


7. Даем высохнуть и уже лицевую сторону декорируем по своему усмотрению.

8. Помещаем тарелочку на подставку.


Our "frame" is ready!

Be happy and take photos more so that in moments of sadness, remember and plunge into that atmosphere of carelessness and joy!

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