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Making flowers from paper 0

How to make flowers from paper

We need: Scissors. Color paper, newspapers, magazines or topographic maps. Double-sided adhesive tape or glue. Instruction: 1. Take a piece of paper and cut out a square from it. 2. Fold the resulting square diagonally to the corner of the corner. 3. The lower ...

How to Make Paper Paris 0

How to make a paper city - Paris

Probably most adults somehow thought about how to entertain their children during a trip (going to a visit or a restaurant). We bring to your attention a simple and original idea - to take with you a whole city ...

Pictures from the fabric with their own hands 2

How to make a picture of the tissue with your own hands

If there was a need to decorate the walls of the room, then you can independently make pictures of the fabric with your own hands. It's quite simple and interesting. The implementation of this idea will take several hours, and the result will add charm and uniqueness to your ...

Cinnamon rolls 0

Cinnamon rolls. The recipe with the photo.

Are you familiar with the famous Cinnabon caffeine network? If you were able to go there, then you certainly tasted delicious buns with cinnamon and cream. Let's try to do something similar at home. Get delicious, though ...

LEGO pencil holder with your own hands 0

How to make a LEGO pencil with your own hands

A simple and easy project for all fans of the LEGO designer. Spend a little time and make a pencil in the form of a LEGO-person's head. Your child should like it very much! You will need: a glass jar (resembling the head of a LEGO man) yellow acrylic paint black ...