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How to make decorative paper with your own hands 0

How to make a paper yourself

Dear masters and craftsmen, today's project will tell you how to make a paper with your own hands. As a result, sheets of textured, decorative paper of the required size and color are obtained. The resulting paper will look great, stylish and very ...

Make an original desktop organizer of pencils 0

How to make desktop organizer of pencils

If at home on your table a huge number of pens and pencils accumulated, then we offer you in today's project to make idle time and a cute desktop organizer, which will please the eye and possibly inspire future crafts. You will need: ...

How to decorate a mirror and give it originality 1

How to decorate a mirror and give it originality

Today's project is dedicated to creating an amazing and original mirror. A distinctive plus is that in the process of creating the decor of the mirror can easily be changed and create an interior that matches your style. In addition, create such an original vintage ...