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How to decorate a mirror and give it originality 1

How to decorate a mirror and give it originality

Today's project is dedicated to creating an amazing and original mirror. A distinctive plus is that in the process of creating the decor of the mirror can easily be changed and create an interior that matches your style. In addition, create such an original vintage ...

Beautiful and durable buttons of paper 0

How to make paper buttons

Find today beautiful buttons to decorate clothes and add a share of a raisin, it's easy. But still today, We decided to offer you a project on how to make amazing and original buttons yourself. The highlight of these ...

Suspended pot from glass jars 1

How to make a suspension pot of glass jars

Home flowers and plants will perfectly decorate any interior, add to it a highlight and be sure to please the look. Alas this can not be said about the pots and pots for this fragrant greenery (of course there are some interesting specimens, ...

How to apply an image to a tile 2

How to apply an image to a tile

Today we would like to talk about transferring images to ceramic tiles. No matter how difficult this process did not seem at first glance, everything is much simpler. The process itself is similar to transferring an image to a tree or a glass ...