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How to make a serving napkin 0

How to make a serving napkin

To decorate a festive (and not only) table, they usually use stylish dishes, floral arrangements or serving napkins. All of them create a beautiful background, but only the last (serving napkins) are able to further zonate the place of each guest. To make such ...

How to make a ballerina from paper and wire 0

How to make a ballerina from paper and wire

A ballerina made of napkins and wire is a beautiful element of the interior decor. Such beauties can decorate any corner of the room, a festive table, a Christmas tree, make a mobile phone or make it float, attaching it to the ceiling with a fishing line. Today's ...

Turn words into interior decorations 0

How to turn words into interior decor

Today we want to combine several different techniques of needlework and create a modern colorful picture for decorating the interior. This project uses such techniques as paintings of thread and nails, embroidery, thermal transfer processing and drawing ...

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