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Pasta with salmon in a creamy sauce to 8-mu March

Pasta with salmon in a creamy sauce to 8-mu March

Men are amazing creatures! From century to century we try to understand each other, and still we continue to talk in different languages ​​and only one day a year our internal translators do not fail! In the most beloved and long-awaited "women's day" our men are transformed: they rush in search of a gift, a bouquet and blow up the Internet in search of the most unusual and memorable gift. I was always admired by a man who on a holiday took in his mighty and strong hands ALL! Especially the festive table. It seems to me that a woman undeservedly takes her place in the kitchen, a man - here's a Chef with a capital letter!

This year, and I was lucky enough to get my head around and feel like a little princess. I was spoiled with pasta with salmon in a creamy sauce. Already the name moved me to a small town in Italy, and with a glass of wine I sat and just watched the cooking process.

You'll need:

  • The head of a sweet onion;
  • Salmon fillet;
  • Paste of hard varieties;
  • Cream 20%;
  • Hard cheese;
  • Olive oil.


On olive oil fry the onions until golden brown. At the same time, boil the pasta. Add the salmon to a frying pan and fry as it is ready. Add the cream and a little grated cheese, bring to a boil.

On the plate lay out the paste and our "sauce", sprinkle with grated cheese and serve on the table.

A dish worthy of any restaurant on your table!

Bon appetit!

Pasta with salmon in a creamy sauce to 8-mu March

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