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Beach game with children and speech development

Beach game with children and speech development

There are a lot of beach games with pebbles: drawings on stones, putting images or words out of pebbles, building pyramids and whole fortresses. It is only necessary to remember about them in time to rest with the children at sea was not boring.

Remember how in the kindergarten children make up a story on a series of pictures? In recent years, there have appeared table games made on this principle, only more complex: instead of the plot pictures in them - chips with schematic images. And the task is the same: to come up with the most interesting story and voice it by putting the chips in the right order.

This game is not difficult to do on your own - on any topics that are close and interesting to your children now. And as a material for chips suitable obatkannye pebbles from the beach. During a holiday with children at sea, did you plan to work out preparation for school, development of speech and similar useful things? It's time to start!

You will need:

  • Pebbles (pebbles);
  • White acrylic paint;
  • Round brush No. 12;
  • Black marker;
  • 3-4 markers of different colors;
  • Paper;
  • Acrylic lacquer;
  • Towel.

Beach game with children and speech development


1. First you need to know which objects, characters or natural phenomena you want to portray. Choose any topic! Write down the words that come to mind first when you think, for example, about the sea, the village or the heroes of fairy tales. You need at least twelve words to then compose interesting stories from them.

2. Now the words need to be turned into pictures. Make pencil sketches of objects that you have made.

3. Are you ready? Let's start creating our game! Take the pebbles. Wash them and dry them on a towel.

4. Take the acrylic paint and brush. You can paint the pebbles entirely, but you can only part in the center, repeating the shape of the stones. Wait until the paint dries. Then get down to drawing on the rocks!

5. Now you need a black marker. Draw them outlines of the selected objects. Hold on until the marker dries, and start adding color! Pay attention that the graphic solution will be more interesting if you do not completely paint the objects. Let the color fly like that!

Beach game with children and speech development

6. When all the pebbles are painted, cover them with varnish and leave to dry.

7. Now we will begin! Play better together. (The more people, the more you need to prepare pebbles.) Turn all the pebbles, mix them and divide them evenly. Of the stones that you got, you need to make up a story and tell it out loud! Whoever has a story will be more fun and funny, that wins. You can come up with a prize for every interesting story.


You can make this game as described, then it will last a long time. Pebbles can be folded into a pouch and carry with them to the beach or play them at home. And you can just take a pen or markers with you to the sea, and each time you come up with a new theme for the game and paint new pebbles.

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