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Why fathers should not remain in second roles

Why fathers should not remain in second roles

The main cares for caring for a child in the family are traditionally laid on women's shoulders. Meanwhile, equal parenthood positively affects the quality of life of all family members. Why fathers should stop being "secondary" parents, Wonderzine said.

The traditional model of the distribution of family roles corresponds to gender stereotypes: the woman is the "keeper of the hearth", the man is the "getter". In this case, the mother is always with the child, takes care of him, and the father spends less time with him. "Unconditional love for the offspring, like the desire to take care of your regular partner, causes oxytocin - the" hormone of long relations, "tenderness and affection , - the author of the article writes. - The level of oxytocin in the mother increases dramatically in the process of delivery, and the level of oxytocin in the father is directly proportional to the amount of time spent with the child. In the traditional model of parenthood, the mother, who immediately after delivery has a very high level of oxytocin, assumes all the responsibilities for caring for the child, and the father, whose oxytocin level is significantly lower, concentrates on interacting with the outside world. "

According to the level of emotional closeness, the child has second-degree attachment objects - grandmothers, the babysitter, who enter the so-called "attachment village". In the traditional model of parental roles in the "village of attachment" falls and the father.

In modern society, the boundaries of gender roles are gradually eroding, the author of the text believes. And an equal approach to parenting is a new form of family structure, from which both the father, mother and child win.

Studies indicate that the active involvement of the father in caring for the child greatly affects his development. Such children as a result show a higher level of cognitive development, better learn at school and easier to find a common language with others. In turn, fathers who spend a lot of time with their child, better resist stress and even more successfully build a career.

Mothers, who are sitting around with their children around the clock, often face the problem of emotional burnout. Similar feelings are felt by fathers who go to work with a head: they lose emotional connection with the family and lose support, which gives strength for effective work. Concentration on one role increases the risk of burnout for both parents.

In the event that parents evenly share the burden, it becomes easier for them to cope with their obligations. If the father takes care of the child, the mother has time and energy for self-development, the continuation of self-realization in the professional sphere. In this case, the man relieves himself of the responsibility of the sole earner in the family and feels freer in choosing career options.

Why fathers should not remain in second roles

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