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Verbal games on the road

Verbal games on the road

Sometimes the road is long and the children begin to rave. What to do in this case? Invite them to play one of the games below.

"What did I make outside?"

You are guessing something that meets along the way and you start to count it aloud aloud. The task of the others is to guess what you have in mind. It is especially interesting in the area of ​​large cities, where there is a lot of everything around. You can think of billboards, cars of red color, two-story houses, road signs, wagons, cars with an upper trunk, motorcyclists, etc. Who will guess - the next task.

"What did I make in the car?"

You're guessing something inside the salon. You answer all the questions with "Yes" or "No". You can ask descriptive questions: "Is it black?", "Is it plastic?", "Is it in front of the car?", Etc. Guessed guessing.

"Yes-No with emotions"

The presenter says "Yes", the rest answer "No". The task is to completely repeat the emotion, mood and loudness of the presenter. The leader and insinuatingly speaks, and in a whisper, and screams, and creaks. It is good in that it gives the child the full scope and range of emotions, intonations, experiences that can hide in a short "Yes" or "No"

"New car"

Each one in turn names a number from 5 to 25 and further all the chances are considered to be counter machines. If, for example, 15, for example, the fifteenth automobile accounted for, and will be your car. It's a lot of fun when some very fashionable car or an old clunker falls out.


You can offer the child, overtaking other cars: wave them with a hand out the window, wave them with their feet, build a funny face, give honor, smile, etc. If the passengers of that car reacted, then the child is counted plus one point. Has typed 10 points, receive a prize.

"A Tale of Three Words"

Each of the players guesses any one word. Then they are simultaneously spoken aloud. It turns out ill-connected, at first glance, set. A presenter should come up with a fairy tale with them! A wonderful game for the development of fantasy. Your children will surprise you.

"I'll take it with me to my suitcase"

A game of memory training. The game begins with the words: "I'm going on a trip and take it with me to my suitcase," and then one thing is added. The next player pronounces the phrase (along with the previous word / words added) and adds his own. The game continues until someone makes a mistake.

For example:

  • I'm going on a trip and I'll take the fins with me to the suitcase
  • And I'm on a trip and I'll bring flippers and binoculars with me to my suitcase.
  • And I'm on a trip and I'll bring flippers, binoculars and a doll to my suitcase.

"Who is driving ahead?"

The game is especially good, if you go for a long drive for a car and can not overtake. The task - to come up and describe in detail - who sits behind the wheel. Sex, age, hairstyle, attire, character. Overtaking, cheerfully waving and awarding the right guessing the place for the next stop.

"Whose drop is faster"

The game is good for rainy weather. Everyone chooses a drop by drop at the top of the glass. And then he watches her as she drips down. Whose drop is first, he won!


A game for those who know the letters. The driver makes a guess and speaks the first letter. Players should come up with words for this letter, but do not say the words themselves, but their definitions or descriptions. The task is to categorically describe the word so that one of the participants guessed, and the presenter did not. In the case when someone realized what kind of a word is meant, he cries "Contact"! And begins with the enigmatic loudly count to 10. On the account of 10 they loudly utter their words. If the words match, the presenter opens the second letter. The presenter can guess faster, then he simply utters the guessed word and the game continues. For example, the presenter wanted to "Heat" and say "T"! The player asks: "Is it barbel?". Lead is not aware, and the second player screams "Contact"! Consider 1,2,3 ... 9,10 - Cockroach! Pronounced simultaneously, then won. The leader says the second letter - "E". Further guesses the words that begin with "those."


The game is good for the city. Who of the passengers will notice the first thing on the road: a bicyclist, a bus stop, a broken car on the roadside, a taxi, a dog in the car, a driver in a hat, a passenger wearing glasses, a tram, etc.

Do you have any favorite games on the road?

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