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How to make a candle from a mandarin with your own hands

Candles made of mandarin

Candles - an excellent decoration of the interior, creating a romantic mood and giving a sense of warmth and comfort. If you have oranges or tangerines on hand, here's an instruction on how to make candles out of them.

You will need:

  • easily cleaned oranges or tangerines;
  • vegetable or olive oil;
  • knife;
  • a spoon.


1. The place of fixation of a mandarin or an orange will be the bottom of a candle. Take the knife and approximately at a distance of 1 / 3 from the top of the candle make a circular incision and remove the skin.


2. Using a spoon (as shown in the picture), carefully separate the pulp from the rind. Attentively! Do not damage the middle of the fruit where the lobules are attached to the stem in the tree.


3. After removing the pulp, you must have a core - a small white stalk, which will serve as a fitter. Set the stem evenly, if necessary cut with scissors.


4. Pour a little olive or vegetable oil into the rind. Note that the tip of the wick remains on the surface. Slightly moisten the tip of the wick in oil. All! Now you can light a candle!


If the wick does not light up, then, most likely, it is too much oil. Blot it and try again.


The candle will burn depending on the length of the wick (an average of a couple of hours).

Warning, do not leave a burning candle unattended!

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