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How to make an Easter basket of cardboard 0

How to make an Easter basket of cardboard

Previously, for Easter baskets, only twigs of vines and willows were used. It was believed that this particular material is an amulet of impure forces. In the modern world, they do not pay any attention to this and make such Easter baskets ...

Making flowers from paper 0

How to make flowers from paper

We need: Scissors. Color paper, newspapers, magazines or topographic maps. Double-sided adhesive tape or glue. Instruction: 1. Take a piece of paper and cut out a square from it. 2. Fold the resulting square diagonally to the corner of the corner. 3. The lower ...

How to Make Paper Paris 0

How to make a paper city - Paris

Probably most adults somehow thought about how to entertain their children during a trip (going to a visit or a restaurant). We bring to your attention a simple and original idea - to take with you a whole city ...

How to make simple cardboard animals 0

How to make simple cardboard animals

Tackle today with handicrafts in conjunction with your children and make simple cardboard animals. It does not take much time, but it will give you the joy of collaborative creativity. Such toys will not take up much space and will fit even in ...

How to make decorative paper with your own hands 0

How to make a paper yourself

Dear masters and craftsmen, today's project will tell you how to make a paper with your own hands. As a result, sheets of textured, decorative paper of the required size and color are obtained. The resulting paper will look great, stylish and very ...

Funny Monster Card 0

How to make a funny card "Monster"

Original greeting cards (or invitation cards) are always popular and in demand. By itself, such a postcard is already a mini gift. In addition, I know from my own experience that original greeting cards are stored for a very long time (which can not be ...

How to grow old photo or postcard 0

How to grow old photo or postcard

Hello dear masters and skilled workers. The last two weeks turned out to be difficult, and there was practically no time for new articles. Well, today I will try to improve myself and I want to give your court instructions on how to get old ...