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LEGO pencil holder with your own hands 0

How to make a LEGO pencil with your own hands

A simple and easy project for all fans of the LEGO designer. Spend a little time and make a pencil in the form of a LEGO-person's head. Your child should like it very much! You will need: a glass jar (resembling the head of a LEGO man) yellow acrylic paint black ...

How to help your child develop 0

How to help your child develop

The kid experiences special pleasure from moving in space - crawling or walking, it does not matter. He likes the process, although it does not do without certain difficulties and troubles, the child can get tired, fall and hurt. Therefore...

How to teach a child to use toys 0

How to teach a child to use toys

In the beginning, the kid treats all toys equally: he grabs them, looks at them, shakes them, strikes them on the table or on the floor, pulls them into his mouth. Applying such standard research activities, the child independently learns something about ...

Maria Montessori 0

19 commandments of Mary Montessori

Maria Montessori is an Italian doctor, educator, scientist, philosopher. UNESCO put it on one pedestal with such famous teachers as Anton Makarenko, John Dewey and Georg Kershensteiner. World fame she acquired in connection with the developed ...