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Salmon in a honey-ginger marinade 0

Salmon in a honey-ginger marinade

Today we will try to cook red fish. Someone prefers it only in a salty condition, and someone - in the form of a well-fried steak. Just bake a steak in foil - it's not interesting, so let's pre-fish our fish ....

Salad with pickled ginger 0

Salad with pickled ginger

The taste of ginger is impossible with anything to confuse. The root of this plant has a sharp-sweet, tonic and invigorating taste and smell. And what about him, in fact, do? It's just so boring to eat. So today we are preparing a salad with pickled ...

Cooking Christmas tea 0

Cooking Christmas tea

Turning over the calendar and seeing 1 December, you start to feel the approach of the new year. For me, this time of summing up for the year, the choice of gifts and, of course, Christmas tea with ginger biscuits. With what...

Muffins with raisins and winter cookies 0

Muffins with raisins and winter pechenye

Sweets are not only sweets and chocolate, but also children's dreams, kisses of loved ones and life, to which we aspire .... And to bring this "sweet life" closer, I decided to combine everything sweet that I can ...