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How to make a New Year tree from books 0

How to make a New Year tree from books

Recently, people are increasingly inventing the original application of ordinary things. After all, this is a great way to stand out among the "gray masses". For example, in today's project, we will tell you how to assemble the original New Year (or ...

How to make a festive mask of tulle 0

How to make a festive mask of tulle

More and more often, the holiday ceases to be just a feast, and turns into costumed parties with fun contests, fervent laughter and breathtaking merriment. It is worth noting that the main feature of most costume parties is like the suit itself, ...

Egg with a surprise 3

How to make an egg with a surprise

We all know what is a kinder-surprise (a sweet treat for children with a toy inside). And what is the most interesting thing about the idea of ​​such a chocolate egg? Of course those trembling feelings that you are experiencing when opening such an egg. Here ...

We make a mask of a snowman on a holiday 0

How to make a snowman mask for a holiday

Good afternoon, dear masters and craftsmen. Continuing the topic of approaching Halloween, we want to offer another project to hide your face behind the mask. This time there will be a mask of a snowman (although to me it is more like a character ...