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Vegetable salad with mozzarella and poached egg 0

Vegetable salad with mozzarella and poached egg

Утро выходного дня. Надо приготовить завтрак. Конечно, можно прибегнуть к традиционным киношным клише и сделать блинчики с джемом или яичницу. Но если хочется чего-нибудь легкого как в плане еды, так и в плане приготовления,...

Salad with shrimp 0

Salad with shrimp

If you are a little too lazy to cook, then try to prepare a simple salad called "Shrimp Cocktail". This salad does not require much time and ingredients, it will turn out delicious, although a bit zhirnovatym (refueling you can change to more ...

Salad with shrimps and bacon 0

Salad with shrimps and bacon

If you want something easy, but at the same time satisfying - try to prepare a salad with shrimps and bacon. It will be very tasty. Immediately it is worth noting that the ingredients will need a lot, but it's worth it ....

Thai salad with pork 0

Thai salad with pork

Today's recipe is suitable for lovers of Thai cuisine. Thai salad with pork is something for an amateur. In principle, the salad is very simple. Although it takes a little time for cooking, about minutes 30. Before you prepare a salad, you probably ...

Classic Caesar salad 0

Classic Caesar salad

One of the most popular Caesar salads can be easily prepared at home! Delicious, fragrant and juicy, with crackers and magical sauce! By the way, quite a simple salad, although it is difficult to call it cheap. So, let's start ... ...

Salad with pickled ginger 0

Salad with pickled ginger

The taste of ginger is impossible with anything to confuse. The root of this plant has a sharp-sweet, tonic and invigorating taste and smell. And what about him, in fact, do? It's just so boring to eat. So today we are preparing a salad with pickled ...