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Decorative candle with your photo 1

Decorative candle with your photo

Candles are an excellent element of decor, and they do not need to ignite (well, except to create a romantic atmosphere). In today's project, we want to offer you a little personalized candles and add an image to them with ...

Shimmering winter candlestick 0

Shimmering winter candlestick

So the winter goes away. Very soon buds will bloom, the grass will turn green and from the cold (and beautiful) winter there will be only memories. Let's remember how the sun shines and plays small ice, frozen to the twigs. And we will dedicate these memories ...

Candles in modern geometric shapes 0

Candles in modern geometric shapes

Geometry is the simplicity of style, understandable to everyone, and at the same time carrying a little art. So, today we want to invite you to make candles in the form of interesting geometric figures. You will need: a template (you can download ...

Candles made of mandarin 0

Candles made of mandarin

Candles - an excellent decoration of the interior, creating a romantic mood and giving a sense of warmth and comfort. If you have oranges or tangerines on hand, here's an instruction on how to make candles out of them. You will need: easily ...