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Muffins with raisins and winter cookies 0

Muffins with raisins and winter pechenye

Sweets are not only sweets and chocolate, but also children's dreams, kisses of loved ones and life, to which we aspire .... And to bring this "sweet life" closer, I decided to combine everything sweet that I can ...

Pie "Molodilnaya apple" 0

Cake "Molodilnaya Apple"

Many tales and myths mention to us about the miraculous power of an apple that is able to give eternal youth and prolong life. Thus, the golden apples of the Hesperides were abducted by Hercules in the hope of possessing eternal youth. The Scandinavian god Locke ...

Fruit cheesecake 0

Fruit cheesecake

Want to surprise someone with an unusual and melting mouthfeel? Then my cheesecake recipe will be welcome! I want to note that this wonderful cake is very simple to prepare and does not require baking if someone does not get along with the oven ....

Sunny cupcake 0

Sunny cupcake

In winter, we do not have enough sunshine, bright colors and summer mood. Therefore, on such days you want to fill your life with everything that we do not have: lay a colored tablecloth, add bright napkins, dishes, well ...