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Baskets of fruit 0

Recipe for fruit baskets

This version of the dessert is simple enough in execution and at the same time looks unusual. The basis is a simple fruit salad, but it is not served in crockets or plates. So, what do we need ... ...

Cheese baskets 0

Cheese baskets

Cheese baskets are prepared very simply, while they look quite impressive. The main ingredient is, of course, cheese, the filling can be quite varied. As an option instead of baskets you can make flat chips and serve with a variety of sauces ....

Puff pastry (baskets) 0

Puff pastry (baskets)

Volovany is a savory snack of French origin. The baking itself is made from puff pastry in the form of a turret, and the filling is a meat, fish or mushroom stew. You can basically not bother and buy wafer baskets in ...