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Thai salad with pork. The recipe with the photo.

Thai salad with pork

Today's recipe is suitable for lovers of Thai cuisine. Thai salad with pork is something for an amateur. In principle, the salad is very simple. Although it takes a little time for cooking, about minutes 30. Before preparing the salad, you most likely will have to visit the store, because most likely you will not initially have all the components.

Ingredients (1 serving)

  • Four slices of pork tenderloin;
  • Juice of lime;
  • 2 tbsp. soy sauce;
  • 0,5 tsp sugar (preferably brown, but also white);
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • half a pepper chili (better of course red, it will make the salad brighter);
  • 100 gr. rice noodles (sold usually in the department with Chinese products);
  • a few leaves of lettuce (or corn);
  • pair of feathers onion.

Thai salad with pork


The salad itself is simple, does not require special skills. The first thing to do is to dry pork pieces and fry them from two sides in a frying pan. Long frying is not necessary, as the meat will become firm. In addition, the pieces are thin and fried in just a few minutes.

Peel chili from seeds and cut into small pieces.

Next, combine soy sauce, lime juice, sugar, garlic and half chopped pepper. Leave refueling while in the side and take care of noodles.

Rice noodles are very thin and cook for literally 2 minutes in boiling water. Therefore, leave it at the very end.

When everything is ready, you can collect salad. First, put the torn leaves of the salad ...

Thai salad with pork

... then mix the noodles (it's easier to do this while the noodles are still hot, then it is more malleable to various kinds of manipulation).

Thai salad with pork

Finally, pour salad dressing and put on top of pork. On top decorate with the remains of chili pepper and finely chopped onions.

Thai salad with pork


I will not say that this dish is on my favorites list. Although, perhaps, lovers of Thai cuisine will argue with me about its taste properties (by the way, does this dish have something in common with Thai cuisine?). In any case, it was my first experience with rice noodles and it seems to me that it was not so bad. If someone comes to mind repeating the recipe, I advise you to take brown sugar and red pepper.

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