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How to make a vintage chair from an old suitcase

Vintage armchair from an old suitcase

Agree that old things deserve the right to a second life. In addition, such things in almost any interior will look really great. Therefore, today we offer you a little "pokoldovat" over the old suitcase and make it an amazing vintage chair.

To make a vintage armchair with your own hands you will need:

  • old suitcase
  • 4 wooden chair legs (available from the furniture store)
  • 4 corner bases for fixing the legs and screws to them (sold in a building or furniture store)
  • 1 plywood sheet
  • filler for the chair (paralon or sintepon)
  • fabric (it is better to choose a dense or water-repellent fabric)
  • aerosol paint (the color of the paint should be combined with the color of the suitcase and the color of the fabric for the upholstery of the future chair)
  • sandpaper
  • glue
  • 4 rubber or felt tips for the legs (fix the nozzles can be with glue or nails)
  • protective gloves and face mask
  • thread and needle

Step by step guide

1. Take the suitcase and bring it to a good appearance (it must be clean and dry).

Vintage armchair from an old suitcase

2. Prepare the legs for the chair. If necessary, polish them with sandpaper. Do not forget to remove the remnants of the wooden crumb with a damp sponge. When the legs are perfectly smooth and dry, use an aerosol paint to give them the right color. The painting process should take place in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. Use gloves and a face mask. After painting, leave the legs in a well-ventilated area for several hours to dry.

Vintage armchair from an old suitcase

When the paint is completely dry, it is recommended to install rubber or felt attachments on the bottom of the legs. You can fix the nozzles with glue or small nails. Such attachments will protect your floor covering from scratches and damage.

3. Take the plywood. Measure and cut a plywood sheet of this size so that it is placed in the inner lower part of the suitcase.

Vintage armchair from an old suitcase

4. Take the mounts for the legs of the chair and install them in the bottom of the suitcase, fastening them with a sheet of plywood inside.

Vintage armchair from an old suitcase

5. Apply a large amount of glue on the plywood sheet and lay out on it the selected filler for the chair. Fix the filler with a press (for example, books) and leave it in this position for a while. Do the same with the inside of the lid of the suitcase, pasting the filler no longer to the plywood sheet, but to the suitcase itself.

Vintage armchair from an old suitcaseVintage armchair from an old suitcase

6. Take the cloth. Place several layers of filler under it (it's most convenient to use a paralon) and fasten it to the fabric with the needle and thread as shown in the picture. Places of fastening can also be decorated with large buttons sewing them from above. Do the same thing again to create a backrest.

Vintage armchair from an old suitcaseVintage armchair from an old suitcase

7. Apply a large amount of glue on the inside of the back of the chair and filler. Glue the finished soft part of the backrest. Do the same with the bottom of the chair.

Vintage armchair from an old suitcaseVintage armchair from an old suitcase

8. Install the legs for the chair. The vintage chair is ready.

Vintage armchair from an old suitcase

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a guest

Hello! this is a simple solution, you need two curved tubes from the metal chair, saw off the curved seats and build them in like ribs!

a guest

OK! But those who will do the same table, I advise all the same to create some kind of rigid frame - a wooden structure, to which you can attach the legs. Otherwise - it is necessary to put something heavily on such a table - then the legs will move to the splits, each in its own direction!

a guest

It seems to me - it's not very difficult to think of, just screw on the oblique plank, like struts, to decorate them))) Remember, in 80-90, plastic suitcases? So in these were such folding planochki)

a guest

Bravo, the idea is very good. But I had a question, please tell me how to fix the back, so as not to fall in the ass?

a guest

A good way to use an old suitcase. Many would without regret simply throw a dusty suitcase on the dustbin, and so will serve the master. Interesting idea, thanks for the idea!